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10 Fresh Free WordPress Plugins (Edition: June 2015)

Plugins are the icing on the WordPress cake. Can you imagine your favorite CMS without them? These helpful tools have become essential in many areas and save us a lot of developing time. In our little series, we picked out once again the latest and most interesting plugins covering a wide range of use cases. As an appetizer, we have a Jetpack Clone that keeps your data private. Don’t believe it? Keep on reading! 1. Slimpack Slimpack is a light version of Jetpack that doesn’t hurt your data privacy. It provides several modules you might know from Jetpack without having to be connected to, so your data won’t be transmitted there. All you need to do is deactivate your existing installation of Jetpack and activate Slimpack. Your settings should be saved. There are no external scripts anymore. The plugin comes with the necessary JavaScript. Slimpack supports the following modules: Carousels Contact Form Custom CSS Custom Content Types Infinite Scroll Gravatar Hovercards Beautiful Math (LaTeX) Markdown Omnisearch Sharing (Sharedaddy) Shortcode Embeds Site Icon Site Verification Widget Visibility Widgets All other modules require a connection to or might be implemented in a future version. Developer: Tunghsiao Liu (a.k.a. Sparanoid) Continuous development: […]