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152 Free Icons on Gadgets and Technology

Fitting icons support written statements, and are visual breakpoints. The colleagues of Swifticons are some of the most diligent icon painters of the scene. By now, their icon set contains 2,480 icons. Now, they decided to toss 152 towards the web designer people.

Swiftcons has picked symbols from the categories Gadgets & Technology, and released them for free download. The inevitable smartphone is included, as well as the indestructible mouse. C64 experienced nostalgics in their fourties can enjoy a floppy disk. Those searching for meaning might find their key to wisdom.

All you have to do to get the content is enter your email address. You’ll receive a mail with a 0 USD invoice.

The full set of icons is 98 USD, by the way.

In another email, the download button will lead you to your goal. The free icon set is available in the formats AI, Sketch, PNG, SVG, and EPS. The users of the MacOS tool IconJar get a chance with a compatible format. There is nothing stopping you from using it in customer projects either.

Have fun with that!