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30 Best Practices in 3D Typography

Next in our infrequent series of typography setups is splendid multi-faceted 3d typography. For sculptural type artists opt in favor of Cinema 4D or Zbrush, while for creating an illusion of dimension, designers move heaven and earth resorting to all sorts of tools and material. From rendering in Cinema 4d as a primary instrument for building a simulating environment to manipulations with Illustrator’s toolbox for polishing up the overall appearance and finishing off the composition, there is a lot of work to be done to achieve the desired result. Conditionally, 3D typography can be split into 2 directions. The first includes all surrealistic works, and the second focuses highly realistic visualizations. Each one has terrific examples that can serve as a source of inspiration. Today we have covered both of them. Shape Typeface Creator: Jaroslav Hach Beta Project Creator: Fernando Matias Fillingraphy Creator: Ivan Loos Great Little Place Creator: Tobias Hall 3D Alphabet Creator: Craig Minchington February Update Creator: Peter Tarka Hola BCN Creator: Joaquim Puigdomenech How to Work Better Creator: a ma Transformer / X Y Z Typography Creator: Nguyen Sanh Wired Creator: Wes L Cockx A Dose of Neon Creator: Katt Phatlane AMP Creator: Like Minded Studio BASE steckt voller Möglichkeiten Creator: FOREAL Typography Manufacturing Creator: Omar. Aqil NIKE AIR MAX DAY […]