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5 Ways to Make Your Site Rock on the Modern Web (…and Microsoft Edge too)

Edge is Microsoft’s new web browser sporting a new rendering engine – EdgeHTML – and an underlying OS to boot in Windows 10. Since upgrades from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will be free for most, you can expect a huge influx of Edge users hitting sites in the coming months. Edge is a departure from the past, actually to complete rewrite from past versions of Internet Explorer and I’m sure many web devs will welcome that. With that in-mind, I wanted to share five ways in which you can prepare your site for modern web interoperability and also test for Microsoft Edge in parallel. #1: Update your JavaScript Libraries Common libraries like jQuery are often updated to address bugs when new browser versions are released. By simply updating your JS frameworks, you can avoid many compatibility bugs with Edge. In our internal research we found that 57% of the top 20,000 sites are using JavaScript frameworks that have issues that have been fixed in newer versions of the same library. You can use the site scanner to determine if you are using out of date JavaScript frameworks on your sites. #2: Avoid CSS Prefixes CSS prefixes are used by browser vendors […]