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6 Best Project Management Tools to Keep Your Team on Track

Abiding by the deadlines and maintaining the quality of work done are the two most important requirements which a team desires to fulfill.

These are the two things that differentiate a well-structured and organized team from a disorganized one.

Sometimes, keeping track of the work assigned to each team member, having work transparency, managing every task, and delivering the work within the deadlines become a hard nut to crack.

How Project Management Tools Help to Keep Track of The Work

Working together in teams and having conversations with other team members represent a healthy workplace to work in. To pursue the same tools for project management come into the picture. The main benefit we can reap from these tools is a collaborative team.

Here are the top project management tools that can help you keep a check on the team and monitor its performance:

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is a project management tool that gives a platform to plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects on time. Among many other tools like chat, proofing, Kanban boards, and Gantt chart, ProofHub has request forms that enable you to take work requests from clients through forms and never miss any work requirement because of countless unread emails in your mail. Moreover, managing and saving all the queries of the same nature at one place is easy with ProofHub request forms. You can save a task in any tasklist of your choice.

Tasks can also be assigned to the team with a particular workflow and start and due dates on Kanban boards that can be seen by everyone in that project. This helps to maintain the transparency of the work done. The team can move tasks from one stage to another as the work progresses.  As you move tasks from one stage to another, it is visible to all the assignees giving a sense of responsibility to complete the assigned projects promptly.

2. Redbooth

Redbooth is a flexible software that provides multiple pre-built templates working on old and new projects without any wastage of time. It includes features such as ease of assigning tasks, quick view of the dashboard, better task transparency, detailed productivity reports, etc. It also offers various built-in project templates, HD video meetings for remote teammates to accomplish the task within the specified period.

To minimize the efforts in managing the daily work of the team, the tool has subject-specific work management processes as well.

3. ProWorkflow

The features of this project management tool lets you enjoy working with your teams and take easy steps in the direction of success. ProWorkflow is a tool that prevents people from making an unreal cry for their workload. Reviewing and rescheduling the projects is just a click away with the help of the Timeline feature. The tool helps in saving time by displaying all the tasks of a single assignee at one place as soon as one log in to the tool.

The contact manager gives detailed information about contacts and companies and stores important notes. Also, it stores social networking information and contains integrated Google maps. One can also send multiple emails with ‘Bulk Email’ feature.

4. Teamdeck

Teamdeck provides a resource management solution to the companies looking for healthy teams and delivering projects faster. The time tracking and timesheets feature of the tool helps to measure the performance of the teams leaving no space for unmanaged work. The workload can be maintained with this tool. Thus, helping to record the bottom line of the company.

Keeping the team on track can be done by analyzing the schedule of the project and the duration of the assigned tasks.

5. Flock

Flock is a communication and collaboration platform for teams that helps to keep all the work in one place. Data from all the tools you use, minutes of meeting you have noted in your notepad and all the scattered emails can be kept place with Flock. It also helps to easily find and share information about projects such as links, files, and messages. Also, one can conduct virtual meetings i.e. audio and video calls. Screen sharing is also an option.

The tool has recently launched FlockOS which is the world’s first chat operating system. With the integration of FlockOS with Flock, the former becomes an ecosystem of workplace applications centered at Flock. Also, an increase in the productivity of the employees will also be the result of the integration of these tools.

6.  Basecamp

It is a project management tool that eases team communication, contractor coordination and working with clients. It helps to keep the conversation on a particular topic in one place. Moreover, you can add notes and file attachments in the tasks assigned along with easily assigning tasks to more than one person. The best thing about the tool is that it summarizes the progress of the users automatically and centralizes feedback and discussions. Drag and drop is the method used to upload files in the project. All the assignees of the project have access to every file of the project.

Basecamp also tracks the progress of the project with the help of Hill Charts. It helps in giving feedback to the client over the status of the work done. Annotations of the project can be done with Hill Charts making the editing process easy.

Final Say

With the help of these tools, you can stop worrying about your team’s performance. You can keep your teams and work on track without any hassle. Hit the deadlines, organize your team better, help them increase their productivity and take steps towards success.

All the best!