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7 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2020

WordPress has a huge community that is rapidly growing. Whether you run a blog or business, you can always stay up to date and get help from people.

Let’s say you are creating your first website and have the least knowledge of WordPress or its environment. You may want to customize your theme or plugin or modify something on your site. But, how would you do?

Well, it’s very easy. Tanks to the WordPress community. 

There are over hundreds of WordPress as well as WooCommerce blogs available that provide free resources so that you can grow your site and business.

That’s why we handpicked 7 WordPress blogs that you can follow in 2020.


Themeum is a state of the art WordPress theme and plugin development company. The company hopes to make the web a better place with WordPress, amidst a keen focus on small businesses and individuals. 

Themeum’s blog provides visitors with frequent updates of the WordPress community along with quick-start guides and tutorials. Themeum’s flagship products, Tutor LMS and Qubely are fan-favorite plugins.

These products get regular update posts as well as use-case tutorials. Their blog posts are well-written and cater to everyone involved in the WordPress community. The articles in the blog are informative, well-written, and can be followed by anyone from a beginner to an expert.


CyberChimps blog may serve as your encyclopedia for the latest WordPress themes and plugins in the market.  It will not just provide you with lots of collections of different types of themes with an overview of their features but also give you an idea about how to use them.  If you are interested in any theme, the blogs will direct you to a landing page where you can directly purchase the theme or add it cart for a later purchasing decision.

You will also get experts’ views on the latest WordPress related topics like beginners’ guide or theme comparison. You can easily use it as a free tutorial for WordPress. You may also get tips and insight on digital marketing to boost up your business. 


The Compete Themes blog will teach you how to build, customize, and optimize WordPress websites. You’ll find detailed guides on how to replicate popular websites from scratch, curated lists recommending the best themes and plugins, and some of the most thorough WordPress tutorials on the web. 

Make sure to check out their guide on customization WordPress, in particular, which has 31 different ways to customize the appearance and functionality of your WordPress website.


WPblog is a WordPress resource website where they publish amazing WordPress tutorials, honest reviews, in-depth comparisons, and insightful interviews from popular WordPress personalities. They are relatively new in the WordPress community but their consistency and conviction to educated the WordPress community have quickly made them popular among WordPress users.

What makes WPblog different is the fact that they produce content for the next generation. WordPress users now want to build their sites using drag and drop functionalities. These people don’t want to read lengthy, boring tutorials. WPblog aims to inject fun in WordPress so that visitors enjoy reading their content.


The Scan WP blog is the blog on the known Theme and plugin detector. They publish many posts with top theme lists, top plugin posts, FAQs, WordPress code snippets, tutorials for beginners (for example this posts about how to start a blog) and pros (like their popular post about building a WordPress theme from scratch, using nothing but code), tips for doing SEO on WordPress sites and much more. There are hundreds of posts on the blog for you to enjoy and learn more about WP, regardless of your level of experience.

MuffinGroup blog

The MuffinGroup blog offers through its articles tips, tricks and all of the stuff you should know about WordPress and web design. You can check their latest article on how to embed Google reviews on your site.

wpDataTables blog

The wpDataTables blog is a simple and efficient blog, with no ads and shiny graphics. It focuses on WordPress and web dev articles that keep WordPress developers and site owners up to date. You can check their latest article on WordPress popup plugin options. 

We hope you like the list of best WordPress blog. If you ding this tutorial helpful, do share it with your friends.