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8 Beautiful Web Design Trends to Take You Away – [Infographic]

Where? When? For how long? With whom? To see and do what? A myriad of personal and seasonal factors influence a traveler’s decision when they book.

And with their precious vacation time at stake, customers are especially thorough when it comes to researching their destinations.

In 2017, users spent on average of nearly half an hour browsing a hotel’s website before deciding whether to book – this is more than 10 times the average browser session for the web at large. And while the information customers find while booking is important, booking decisions are not solely based on services and availability. 77% of online travel shoppers feel that their booking decisions are impacted by site functionality and navigability.

Because the web is the primary medium through which customers today will discover, research, and book their travel plans, maintaining a professional and engaging web presence is crucial to success in the tourism sector.

Think of your travel website as an extension of the travel experience you are offering. Not only should your website reflect your professionalism, knowledge, and hospitality, but it should also appeal to your target clientele on many of the same levels that your services do.
The following resource from travel search engine explores eight trends in web design that travel sites around the world are using to create seamless visitor experiences from start to finish: