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9 Scary Stories to Tell Around the Camp Fire

scary stories to tell in the dark Summer Camps

Remember the night at camp when you couldn’t sleep because of that impish little boy who told you the scariest story you’d ever heard?

I do.

Looking back at those scary moments, now I see that they turned into very pleasant memories — not to mention that I am still good friends with that boy.

People who have been to a summer camp will automatically remember, how haunting those stories can become around the campfire. The scary storytelling became a sine qua non for most camps all around the world.

We don’t notice how big of a part it covers in our memory lane but scary stories are actually hard to forget.

I have put together some of my favorite scary stories for you to add to your arsenal for your next summer camp. But don’t tell them all in one night! It might be too much for your fellow campers to handle 🙂

P.S. They are audiobooks to get you in the mood, my advice would be to listen to them after dark to get the full effect!

The Thing | Alvin Schwartz

Harold | Alvin Schwartz

The Big Toe | Anonymous

A Christmas Horror Story // Something Scary | Snarled

The Legend of Rawhead and Bloody Bones // Something Scary | Snarled

The Babysitter | Alvin Schwartz

“Bedtime” | Campfire Stories

“The Smiling Man” | Campfire Stories

“The Forgotten Toy” | Truly Haunting Stories

I don’t know if any of these have actually happened but let’s convince ourselves that they didn’t 😉

Ooh summer camps … With their scary stories, s’mores, nature, friendships, and first kisses… they are truly something to remember.

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Share your favorite scary stories in the comments below!

Photo by Joris Voeten on Unsplash