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Back to the Roots: Hand-Made Typography

Are you sometimes fed up with everything glossy, glassy, gradient-esque, three-dimensional, abstract, surreal – in one word with everything artificial, virtual? Yes? Me too. Now is the perfect time to turn to natural, real and genuine. Simply set your eyes on something organic, something that you can touch, feel and even eat, something that has vibes and evokes warm feelings. Our today’s collection is dedicated to impressive and intricate handmade typography. Edible cookies in the form of the alphabet, letters made from plasticine or carved out from fruits immediately spring to mind. Those are one of the most primitive examples of handcrafted fonts that can be quickly reproduced by any enthusiast equipped with proper tools. In fact this art direction hides a lot more than you can think of: there are works that can inspire, spark interest, refresh, cheer up and overwhelm. From elaborate paper-based letterforms made with the help of quilling technique to characters that are sculpted from metal, wood, plastic, grass or other raw material, designers try to go beyond boundaries in order to create remarkable and staggering letterforms. Today we have curated 30 outstanding examples of their diligence for you: Silk Road Film Festival 2015 – 3D […]