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Bad Logos: 31 Worst Logos Ever

Bad Logos

We can all use a good laugh these days, that’s why we prepared you a list of what not to do while designing a logo while working from home. Hopefully, these logos will put a smile on your faces.

Bad logos might be quite bad for your brand. Your logo is what the people remember you with after all.

There are many different ways you can go with your logo. you have probably identified a business by looking at its logo before, even if their name isn’t on the logo. There are some business logos that when you see them, you can immediately guess what that company does. 

Your logo is a huge part of your brand’s identity, it’s probably the first impact on public perception and having a bad logo design could affect your business. World’s multinational companies can spend millions of dollars on their logos – like UK-based oil group BP. They’ve spent £136m back in 2000 when they introduced their current sunflower design.

You probably have come across people posting a logo design job for incredibly low prices on freelancing websites or graphic design communities, and yes, there are people who will design your logo for those prices. It shouldn’t be too much of a shock to those people when they end up with bad logos. 

Okay, we understand that there are people who don’t have enough budget, and they are just starting out. You want to get the most out of your business, and logos play an important role, especially if you are just starting and trying to get your name out there. Before having your logo designed, it’s important to learn about the dos and don’t of logo design so you know more about what you are getting into.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s see the worst logos.

Top 31 Bad Logos


Locum Logo

A Swedish property management company. You do you, Locum, no judgment here.


Bing Logo

Typography masters at work, we see you Bing.


Megaflicks Logo

This logo is self-explanatory. At least they know what’s up.


Mont-Sat Logo

Your satellite will be working extra smooth in the mornings.

NYC Taxi

NYC Taxi Logo

NYC is known as the cultural hub of the world, and it has a great design and art community. NYC Taxi is not.

A Style

A Style Logo

We’ve never seen the “A” like this before. Freudians might have things to say to these guys.



Look, mom! There is a butterfly!

Arlington Pediatric Center

Arlington Pediatric Center Logo

It doesn’t give the most trustable vibes for sure.

Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods Logo

No comment.

Kudawara Pharmacy

Kudawara Pharmacy Logo

What kind of an operation are you running here, sir? Sir?

2012 London Olympics Logo

2012 London Olympics Logo

You might remember the Lisa Simpson memes, can’t be unseen.

The Computer Doctors

The Computer Doctors Logo

They specialize in cooling systems, with their exclusive thermal paste.

Comprehensive Health Care

Comprehensive Health Care Logo

Isn’t that Channing Tatum posting up right before the dance-off?

The Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan

The Bureau of Health Promotion, Taiwan Logo

You gotta do what you gotta do to promote, I guess.


Catwear Logo

Something is up with the “A”. We’re starting to see a pattern. 


Enron Logo

This is a design by the legendary Paul Rand. Even though we like most of his work, we’re not sure about this one.

Dough Boys

Dough Boys Logo

They are definitely all about that dough, boy.

Kids Exchange

Kids Exchange Logo

The importance of using space. Not the kind of “change” we are looking for, thank you.

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission Logo

No comment on this one…

Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies

Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies Logo

Uhm, sure oriental studies and the struggle for “power”.

Clinica Dental

Clinica Dental Logo

They say how important it is to take care of your teeth. After your teeth are done, you’ll be taking.

Office of Government Commerce

Office of Government Commerce Logo

Commerce is getting hard day by day folks.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Logo

This is one of the creative ones, a football helmet for a football team. God, what’s next, just a football as a logo?


Hilton Logo

That alignment though.


SafePlace Logo

You’ll always be safe.


Pepsi Logo

This can not be unseen either. Must. stop. drinking.

HASC Center

HASC Center Logo

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Kostelecké Uzeniny Sausages

Kostelecké Uzeniny Sausages Logo

This one seems like it’s straight out of a 80’s flick.

Vermont Maple Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup Logo

Canadians love their maple syrup. We didn’t know it was in their system though.

Fully Erect Tents

Fully Erect Tents Logo

Your tent won’t ever go flaccid.

Mama’s Baking

Mama's Baking Logo

That mama is definitely baking something!

So these are the 31 bad logos we’ve got. Now you probably fully understand the importance of logo design and how a bad logo design might affect your business now you’ve seen the worst logos.

Let us know about the other bad logos you’ve seen out there!