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Best Practice: 30 Websites with Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are growing in popularity. Now with the first services offering HD videos for free commercial use popularity will increase further and faster. Pexels, known for its free imgaes, has entered the market that before had only had Mazwai as a source for free video material. Other than Mazwai where backlinks are mandatory, Pexels offers its material under CC0. While we will also show you the two competitors the focus of this article will be on best practices examples of video use as a header element or as a full-width background covering the whole viewport of your browser’s windows.. Free Video Services 1. Pexels Video Pexels Video offers HD and Full HD videos for completele free of charge and use in commercial projects also. All material is licensed as Creative Commons Zero (CC0). You need not place any backlinks nor name the authors (but you still can, if you want). 2. Mazwai Mazwai has quite a few high-grade videos in stock. These are all licensed under Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). This means you’ll at least have to name its authors. A correct backlink would e.g. look like this: Video: Zuerich Airport by Niklaus Gerber/, License: CC BY […]