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Blob Storage: How I Used it to Host my Podcast MP3 Files

I host a podcast called The Indie Dev Podcast where I interview game developers from around the world in 30 minute segments. I’m always fascinated by what people are able to create, and I’m even more curious about how they make these games happen. I store the most recent episodes of the podcast on PodOmatic, which allows them to be picked up by iTunes and other podcast feed readers, but I am limited by the number of podcast episodes that I can store at once because I am using the free tier. My older episodes are lost unless I upgrade to the premium tier. What Problem Does Blob Storage Solve? With blob storage, I can take all of my .mp3s, store them in a container, and then allow the public to download them from the container. When I upload my files to a blob container, I am given an HTTP endpoint, which I can use as a link to download an episode. Click on this link to download the most recent episode with Michael Hicks. You could do the same for videos that you record, too. In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the steps of how I […]