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Bon Appetit: Beautiful Premium WordPress Theme for Restaurants and Cafés

It’s nothing new. Companies benefit from the web. Still not all make use of it. There are whole industries underrepresented; even after 25 years of website development. The food service industry is such an underrepresented niche. Before you disagree, you’re right, there are loads of websites with food-related content out there. But look around you. How many potential website owners are there directly within your reach. You’d probably be surprised how many of these don’t run a proper website. So why not acquire these small businesses systematically? All you need is a fast and reliable way to create a web presence that suits their needs. As small businesses tend to have small cash, you will not be able to call the whole plethora of front-end wizardry. Instead, consider choosing a dedicated theme designed to handle all the needs of the gastronomy. Bon Appetit by StylemixThemes is one such theme, available at Themeforest for small money – the perfect foundation for food services and you… The Tasty Offers of the Bon Appetit Theme Bon Appetit is a dedicated, responsive theme for restaurants, cafés, bars and other food services. It is available over at Themeforest for a price of 48 USD. There […]