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Boon or Bane? The Jetpack Plugin for WordPress

The Jetpack plugin is probably one of the most feature-rich WordPress plugins on the market. It offers more than 30 functions by now, which raises the question if it really makes sense to install such a “monster”. There’s certainly one or the other useful function. But you’ll most likely find things you won’t ever need or which are already covered by other plugins. On the other hand, you could forgo all of those plugins and only use Jetpack. Let’s play this scenario through. A Jetpack with 33 Functions for WordPress Jetpack comes with 33 functions by now. But before you can benefit from the functionality of this plugin, you’ll need to connect it to your account. If you have a Gravatar account, you won’t need anything else. Once connected to the WordPress account, you can use all 33 Jetpack function modules. 21 are activated by default and only have to be configured – if you want to use them. The Jetpack settings menu displays the currently activated modules. Of course, you can deactivate those you don’t need and then configure the “rest”. If you hover the mouse over the modules, you’ll see the respective modules right away. Deactivate the […]