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Bringing Sanity and Order to Device Testing

It seems like every other day the public is granted some new means of accessing the web. Some days it’s a new browser. Others it’s a new smartphone. Or a tablet. Or an e-reader. Or a video game console. Or a smartwatch. Or a TV. Or a heads-up display. Or a car. Or a refrigerator. I worked on one project where the client provided me with a spreadsheet detailing 1,400 different user agents that accessed the login screen for the m-dot site. In two days! As further evidence, consider the enlightening details of this post from Jason Samuels of the National Council on Family relations, a non-profit organization: In 2008, visits from “mobile” devices accounted for only about 0.1% of their traffic. In 2014, that number had skyrocketed to 14.4%. In 2008, they detected 71 different screen resolutions, which is already a lot to consider. By 2014, however, they were seeing 1,000 unique screen resolutions each and every quarter (with over 200 of those recording 10+ visits per quarter). That last stat blows my mind every time I read it. You can’t design for 200 different screens, let alone 1,000. It’s a fool’s errand. And don’t even think of trying […]