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Buy me! wpShopGermany – the Professional German Shop Plugin for WordPress

Creating online shops based on WordPress becomes more and more popular. The reasons are the general popularity of WordPress itself and the vast range of really good plugins in this area. Today we’ll present you a German shop plugin for WordPress, which has some big advantages over other well-known solutions. wpShopGermany is, as the name indicates, made in Germany, something that can’t be said often enough if you want to operate a legally compliant shop in the EU – a market with a great number of legal constraints – and protect yourself from cease and desist letters. You don’t have to agonize over new restrictions anymore as the maennchen1 developers will take care of it and provide you with continuous updates. wpShopGermany – What You Need to Know wpShopGermany is a light WordPress plugin that extends your website by an online shop. And where’s the beef? Well, the word “premium” already indicates that it’s not for free; however, license prices are moderate and reasonable in any case. A plugin license keeps your online shop always legally compliant and gives you the freedom to take care of the really important things. The wpShopGermany plugin has been around since May 2010. It […]