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Canva: Create Online Graphics Easily

Not every website operator is a good graphic designer at the same time. Does that mean that they are forced to forgo illustrations and images? No, it doesn’t. Nowadays there is excellent software to solve these problems. There are also other options besides Photoshop. Eight of these programs have been presented by my colleague Andreas Hecht already. Today, I would like to introduce you to Canva, a popular and often recommended online tool. So, what is this all about? Where are Web Graphics Needed? Featured images have been common courtesy for a long time already. This article, for example, is opened by one. Websites without such images may look dusty and outdated. What you see in this article has been made using Canva. It only took two minutes. This type of graphics is also common in social media. The blue depths of Facebook are just one example. They also appear on Twitter, Pinterest, and many others. If you can’t keep up with that, you will be harder to find – unless you get yourself some help. Canva offers templates, not only for web graphics but also for eBooks, advertisements, post cards, blogs, headers and more. Since Canva provides proper trimming, you […]