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Chartist.js Creates Responsive, Animated Charts with SVG

Numbers and statistics are usually bone-dry and sometimes not really clarify but obscure even more. By visualizing data with charts, you can attract much more attention. The JavaScript library Chartist.js from Zurich turns as many numerical sequences as you like into easy to understand bar, line, pie, or other charts. They not only look good but are also responsive and can be jazzed up with animations. Easily Generate Simple Charts Chartist.js is a project by Swiss Gion Kunz available under a DWTFPL. I’m not going to write what this abbreviation stands for. What I can say is that you can use Chartist.js for whatever you want. Gion Kunz doesn’t care about it 😉 It doesn’t take much to get started: First implement the JavaScript and the stylesheet file of Chartist.js. The JavaScript file is necessary for the functionality and data entry. The stylesheet file contains the different chart types. Use HTML to add a container element to the body which we will then fill with the chart. Attach the class ct-chart for the basic layout and a class that specifies the chart’s aspect ratio on the container. Besides a quadratic ratio (ct-square) or the classic 16:9 (ct-minor-seventh) and 3:4 (ct-perfect-fourth) […]