Dayton Watchdog

Watching Over The Elected Town Council

The post was the latest in a thread of 35 previous posts by a self-proclaimed watchdog group over the town council decisions.

Annually, the council selects their president and vice president for both the Town Council and the Utility Board. Those elections resulted in each member having held multiple offices in the past several years, giving the group a wide view of the town’s operations, infrastructure, opportunities, and safety.

This post was rambling. Here are the six key points made:
1. The Watchdog Creed
2. Concerned citizens
3. Watch Over The Elected
4. Citizens, Gather Together
5. All Hail the Watchdog
6. Deep Throat

The bold heading below correspond to the key points. I made up the text for the headings. All other text is from the original post. I rearranged sentences. The ramble was a rant, and nearly a shriek at times. Don’t blow a carotid. Get some help. Take a deep breath. Surely, someone is praying for her.

The Watchdog Creed

1. Encouraging Dayton residents to know how their tax dollars are being spent
2. Telling us about issues we should pay particular attention to
3. Telling us to make our own decisions

Concerned Citizen

The board seems so threatened by it that they seem to be trying to discredit it
They seem to question the Dayton Watchdog’s motives
Challenge their credibility
Facebook page facts and ways to tell if they’re true
Board’s reaction to them makes me wonder “what the heck are they so worried about?
Will the Watchdog find some deep dark secret?”

Watch Over The Elected

This is OUR community
We should be involved
Watching that those we elected don’t forget that their job is to represent us
Tax paying citizens of our community

Citizens, Gather Together

We should be involved in keeping our neighborhoods clean and safe.
We should be looking out for each other.

All Hail the Watchdog

Groups like theirs act as consumer and government watchdogs all over the country
This watchdog group is watching out for us.
They are watching out for US.
We should be looking out for each other.
We are all better off because of it.
This group is definitely a good thing for us Daytonians

Deep Throat

It does not matter who they are
They obviously care about our community.
Reasons these people want to remain anonymous.
We should be looking out for each other.


The Town Council

A little background on the council helps with context. The council is a group of five residents, elected to four year terms. 2015 is an election year. Two current members are concluding their first term. Two more are finishing their third and fourth terms. The final council member is finishing his sixth term, or 24th year.

On April 12, 2015, a post was made in support of the Dayton Watchdog facebook community. The post appeared on the Town of Dayton Indiana facebook group, initiated and administered by members who live in town. Hundreds of members have joined the group. Some do not live in Dayton, though did previously, or have family in town, or other association. I estimate that at least 50% currently reside in the Town of Dayton.


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