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Designing Web Code in a Native App

Over the years, I’ve heard developers say, “you can always tell when it’s a web app,” insinuating that web apps are lacking when compared with native apps.  These same folks will claim that web app performance is poor, and the design is inferior.  Although that might have been true years ago, today’s web fairs much better than the web of yesteryear.  Our runtimes are super fast, leaving no lack of performance for apps. And the best user experience on the web is generations ahead of that of native apps, with a responsive design making web apps a great experience on any device. The benefits of web apps continue. When well written, anyone with a browser can interact with a web app regardless of platform, version, or device.  Its single code base also makes it the overwhelming choice for developers, brands, and companies that don’t desire or have the resources to build and maintain native apps for each platform. Awesome Web Apps are Awesome Apps. Both in a Browser or in an App Store. Defining the Problem Every day I work with developers who are using ManifoldJS to take great web apps and turn them into store apps. ManifoldJS lets you maintain the […]