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Essential: How to Test Internet Explorer on Android, iOS, and Mac OS X

Earlier this year, the Microsoft team launched a new tool to make it easier to test sites in IE regardless of which platform you’re on; seriously! It’s part of their work on Microsoft Edge and its new rendering engine and new user-agent string, which is a fork of Trident that’s far more interoperable with the mobile Web. In this tutorial, I want to demonstrate what this looks like in Chrome on my MacBook and how to set it up. tl;dr? Here are some Vines to show you it in action: Mac OSX Android iPad iOS Win7 The tool is called RemoteIE and is designed to offer a virtualized version of the latest version of IE. This allows you to test out the latest version of IE without have to have a virtual machine installed. And if you want to test for past versions of IE, you can always use the free virtual machines on modern.IE by starting here. Getting it All Setup I ran through the steps to use the tool myself and wanted to document everything in case you run into any hiccups. First, head on over to which will take you to this […]