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Fair Pay for Authors: Post Pay Counter for WordPress

Need a solution to pay authors on a WordPress multi-author blog by certain criteria? The Post Pay Counter plugin might be what you’re looking for. This plugin allows the administrator of a multi-author website to customize the basic configuration and choose from various payment options. There’s a free and a PRO version, which I’d like to introduce to you today. The Post Pay Counter WordPress Plugin The basic idea behind this plugin is to provide fair payment for the authors of a website. It also simplifies the calculation. The admin can specify criteria upon which payments should be processed. Stats can be viewed immediately for all authors or only one author. This plugin helps you setting up a revenue sharing model where authors can be paid per post. And Here Is What the Post Pay Counter Plugin Can Do You decide if you want to pay your authors per post, words, images, or page views. Or go for an incremental payment system. If your author charges, for example, $0.05/word, this would make $5/100 words. A registration is not required; your data remain safe on your server. Post Pay Counter is not a cloud service and therefore doesn’t require a user […]