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Fontplop: Free Mac App Turns Web Fonts Into Desktop Fonts

Life can be this easy. Drag your TTF or OTF over to Fontplop, and get a web font bundle consisting of WOFF2, WOFF, TFF, SVG, and EOT in return.

Fontplop is a small app for macOS, available for free on Github. You can download it as source text, but also as a DMG, ready to be installed. The functionality does not require any tutorials.

Once you’ve opened Fontplop, you’ll find a small window on your desktop, asking you to toss fonts you want to convert in there. Click a TrueType font (TTF), and/or an OpenType font (OTF), hold it, drag it over to the mentioned window, and drop it.

Fontplop will get to work right away, creating a folder named font-export in the same location of the original font, in which you’ll find all required web formats.

Fontplop was created by the frontend developer Matthew Gonzalez, and is being distributed under the liberal MIT license. The project can be found on Github. The download is available over at the project site.