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Grab Your Next Top Job with One of These 279 Professional Resume Templates

Jobs are no longer a safe haven. While we all know these stories of 50 years with the same company our grandparents love to tell, these days time spans shorten drastically. Already today the average employee stays three to five years with the same company, with a tendency to further decline. Besides that millions of people cannot get along with one job alone. In some countries, it is already common to run on up to four jobs to make a living. Any way you put it, applying for jobs is becoming a more and more frequent task. As with all periodic tasks, it’s a good thing to get some routine into it. Not only to make the process faster but also more professional. The least thing you want to send is an unprofessional job application that makes a perfect landing in the secretary’s dustbin. Hloom has come to your rescue with their offering of 279 professional resume templates. Hloom: Free Templates for Just About Every Need Hloom is not specialized in resume templates alone. Instead, they drive a full-fledged templates service covering all kinds of things. There are potty training charts even. Yes, you heard that right. As a potty […]