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GraphicStock Offers Affordable Stock Photography and Design Elements

As creative professionals, we always need proper stock material. Time does not allow to shoot all necessary photos ourselves, nor does it allow to create all required design elements from scratch. If you do you will run into problems sooner or later as either your projects take too long to come to an end or your clients don’t want to pay all that extra money anymore. Especially not for something they “can get on the Internet for free”. That’s why being on the lookout for good stock material is a survival strategy you shouldn’t miss. Today we will introduce you to GraphicStock, one of these all-in-one sites with an uncomplicated flat fee… GraphicStock: Unlimited Access at a Flat Fee GraphicStock is an affordable, subscription-based stock media site that gives you unlimited access to premium stock footage. That’s a very short yet fitting description of what GraphicStock actually is. The most obvious unique selling proposition is the uncomplicated flat rate it offers. Other than other image providers GraphicStock has just one price to be remembered. The flat fee is 49 USD per month, and that’s it – download galore. There are no further limitations, such as x files in y days […]