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Hands-On: Build a Node.js-powered Chatroom Web App (Part One)

This Node.js tutorial series will help you build a Node.js-powered real-time chatroom web app fully deployed in the cloud.  In this series, you will learn how to setup Node.js on your Windows machine (or just learn the concepts if you’re on Mac), how to develop a web frontend with Express, how to deploy a node express apps to Azure, how to use Socket.IO to add a real-time layer, and how to deploy it all together. The tutorial will use the optional Visual Studio and the Node.js Tools for Visual Studio plug-in as a development environment—I have provided links to free downloads of both tools. Level: Beginner to Intermediate–you are expected to know HTML5 and JavaScript. Part 1 – Introduction to Node.js Welcome to Part 1 of the hands-on Node.js tutorial series: Build a Node.js-powered chatroom web app. In this installment, I will explain what Node.js is, why you should pay attention to Node.js, and how to set up your machine. What is Node.js… and Why Use it? Node.js is a runtime environment and library for running JavaScript applications outside the browser. Node.js is mostly used to run real-time server applications and shines through its performance using non-blocking I/O and asynchronous […]