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Heatmaps+: Hotjar Analyzes Your Users’ Interests

If you want your website to be successful – and even more so if you want it to earn real revenue – you need to understand your visitors’ behavior the best you can. Only after knowing their clicking paths are you able to optimize your website. In regard to online stores, this kind of knowledge can make or break your business. So be prepared to analyze your website continuously to learn which pages generate more views and find out about the most clicked items and your visitors’ and prospective customers’ areas of interest. It’s easy to get traffic numbers and page views from Google Analytics or Piwik. But for optimizing site structure or page designs, a heatmap solution is a much more useful tool. This post presents a new online solution for creating heatmaps and more. Hotjar, the All-in-One Analytics and Feedback Solution Hotjar is an attractive solution for analyzing a website or an online store. Even with the free basic account you get a lot of useful options and meaningful data. Especially, the heat map feature is noteworthy, showing you in detail the clicking paths and interests of your site visitors. Another useful feature is „Recordings“. User interaction can […]