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How Does Google’s New Ranking Factor Mobile-Friendly Affect Your Website?

Google has been changing its search algorithm time and again to deliver better search results. Factors like keywords, link building, and loading performance play a key role in how Google ranks a website. On April 21st Google officially issued a new ranking factor: the mobile-friendliness of a website. How is this going to affect site operators and what does mobile-friendliness mean from Google’s point of view? Increasing Importance of Mobile Web It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Google has now officially introduced this new ranking factor. We’re using smartphones and tablets more frequently to search the web. Indeed, the same applies to the Google search. It is understandable that Google wants to prioritize websites for mobile devices that can be optimally displayed on them. This website is mobile friendly 😉 A while ago, Google started labeling websites that are optimized for mobile devices in its mobile search results. It makes no difference if a website provides a separate mobile version or a responsive design. If there’s a separate mobile version, Google will only feature this in the search results and the desktop version will be omitted. The mobile-friendly factor doesn’t affect the desktop version of a Google search. Generally, […]