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IBM BlueMix Cloud Contest: Are You a Real JavaScript and Node.js Pro?

Do you like yourself a good challenge? Do you feel like a real JavaScript pro? Is node.js in your veins? If so, IBM has a more than interesting contest for you. Although it has already started, it still makes sense to participate. Did I mention that you can win a few interesting tech gadgets? IBM BlueMix: Digital Platform for Innovation As a developer of the next big thing you never know. Will my service explode in terms of users or will I be the only one producing load on my server? Scalable platforms are the way to go in these cases. IBM offers its BlueMix package which integrates the best-known Open Source technologies to support your development efforts. You have access to MongoDB, PostGreSQL, node.js and then some. New integrations are added frequently. BlueMix lets you quickly and easily set up mobile as well as cloud apps based on building blocks and individualized through code snippets. Once done you can deploy the app and install and run it from the cloud. IBM is constantly improving the service. The next effort will be opening up the platform to be extended through user-developed services. BlueMix is definitely worth a closer look should […]