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Increasing Conversion: 7 Great WordPress Plugins for A/B Testing

Split-testing is an important task, but one rarely done wholeheartedly. It’s quite remarkable because as a matter of fact it’s a proven way to get you more website traffic and to convert those visitors into loyal readers, customers or whatever you may call them. Which in no way applies to e-commerce websites only. A split test is called A/B testing. For instance, you could test two headlines to find out which one performs better in directing visitors to your article. Likewise, you could put themes or theme variations against each other to see which one appeals better to your audience. Your goals remain the same: properly done split-testing should lead to more website traffic and better conversion rates. Applied Search Engine- and Customer Optimization: Split-Testing for WordPress In general, there are many things you can test against each other: homepages, headlines, descriptions, Call to Action areas, images, videos, colors, site layouts, visitor streams, etc. If you consistently check and optimize your WordPress website, there’s a good chance you’re able to increase traffic and conversions. Today, we present you some pretty interesting solutions for WordPress sites – free ones as well as paid-for offers. 1. Google Content Experiments Part of Google Analytics […]