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Infragistics Indigo Studio: Real Rapid Prototyping for Web, Mobile, and Desktop

Rapid prototyping is an essential way of saving time in our modern age where billions of apps compete for the customer’s attention. Is the great idea you had for just another app actually that great or is it just another failure among the millions of failures in app stores and the web worldwide? Apart from that angle rapid prototyping has always been the easiest and at the same time most impressive way of showing a customer a functional demo of the project you are trying to sell him. Whether it’s development for the web, for mobile or the desktop, you shouldn’t do it without having done a working prototype. Infragistics Indigo Studio is a software that can help you do just that… The History of Prototyping I have created websites since the early nineties. And I have worked with countless clients from different industries around the world. What always was the hardest part in any given project, was the design discussion. Just like any other designer I knew then, we used to squeeze out a quick Photoshop mockup to show it to the client. These mockups were sent by mail, and feedback was given in the same way, except that […]