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Inside WordPress: An Introduction to Custom Post Types

Most people who work with WordPress have already heard of custom post types. Unfortunately, only a few web designers and bloggers know what this function actually is and how to make use of it. Custom post types are something like the icing on the cake and one of the reasons for WordPress’ popularity. Let’s have a look at custom post types and see what you can do with them. What Are Custom Post Types? WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world, with one reason being its customizability and flexibility. You can basically get up to anything you can think of, and custom post types are one way to get there. WordPress offers some post types out of the box. These are: Post (post type: ‘post’) Page (post type: ‘page’) Attachment (post type: ‘attachment’) Revision (post type: ‘revision’) Navigation menu (post type: ‘nav_menu_item’) A custom post type is nothing more than an extension, an additional type of post with a different data set. It’s, however, not limited to a specific type of content like a static page or a dynamic blog post. So, a custom post type can display any type of content, even though it wouldn’t […]