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JavaScript: Improve Performance Analysis Results with User Marks

When working on advanced JavaScript code, like a 3D engine, you may ask yourself what you can do to optimize, and how much time you should spend in some specific pieces of code. In this tutorial, I will share several tools that provide insight into how your code is performing, and show you how to make the most of user marks in the memory graph to analyze your performance. Can’t wait to see what this article is about? Watch this video. Feel free to ping me on Twitter (@deltakosh) if you want to discuss about this article! Need a profiler? One that comes to mind is the integrated profiler you can find using new updates to the Internet Explorer F12 Dev Tools — enhancements that will also be available for Microsoft Edge. Of course, you can use any similar tools you prefer too on your dev box. If you want to try this out on Android, iOS, or Mac OS, you can also use remote.IE to get an instance of Windows 10 Technical preview running in minutes. Then open the Internet Explorer “e” you’ve been avoiding (it is a temporary client shell that has Microsoft Edge’s new rendering engine configured), […]