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Jotform Rescues Your Web Forms and Grows Further

It comes without further explanation that we here at Noupe are big fans of JotForm. If you are one of our hundreds of thousands of frequent readers, you were unable to get around the praises we shared. The year 2015 is another good year in the history of the service as they continue to innovate. Furthermore, Adobe has added its part to the continuous growth of my favorite forms platform… Rescue Your Web Forms as Adobe Forms Central Closes It is up until next Monday, the 22nd of June, that you can still use Adobe’s FormCentral service to create forms and collect data. Starting following Tuesday, you will no longer be able to create new forms or collect new data but you will still be able to download existing data from existing forms. Then, on July 28th all your forms and form data will go down the drain. It’s high time for action. Should you not know what FormsCentral is or better was chances are you need not do anything 😉 For those of you who are still curious, Adobe FormsCentral was, simply speaking, an online collector backend for PDF forms. Users would create fillable forms as PDFs and then […]