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Let it Glow: 30 Electrifying Examples of High-end Typography

There are some mind-blowing types that radiate of marvelous high-tech Magic and exude an image of sophistication and a subtle sense of brutality. Whether it is a flawlessly reproduced steampunk style lettering that just fascinates by polished shiny bronze surfaces and inventive construction. Or it is a gloomy yet bold and grotesque professionally executed neon sign planned down to the latest detail and enlivened through a series of special effects. It is certainly an eye catcher that can outshine, or at least stand with other original, jaw-dropping fonts in equality. In order to convey the powerful atmosphere of mechanization and advancement, artists render splendid compositions. Lettering can be literally assembled with the help of highly realistic mockups of tubes, cylinders, bulbs, then further enhanced through flawlessly treated textures of wood, metal, plastic,or glass and finished off through a plenty of complementary objects with a rustic or rough nature. Such projects are true pieces of art that demonstrate not only a skill level but also imagination and creativity of a designer. The list below includes some spectacular representative examples of this sort of typography. Enjoy and let us know what you think about them Veej – Vintage Neon Creator: Veej February Update […]