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Maintain Focus: 20 Website Designs with Centered Layouts

Website designs with fixed width centered layouts are like a blast from the past that remind us of those good old days when a majority of web sites were based on the formerly popular 960px grid system – center-aligned and with distinctive borders. With the increasing popularity of wide screens, designers began to opt in favor of full-screen layouts that gave the content more dominant positions. Image and video backgrounds became the main visual driving force that seized the whole attention. However, some time later, when smaller screens of tablets and cell phones began to call the tune, responsiveness came to the fore so that designers started to pay attention to the viewport of a browser. By skillfully manipulating with this key factor in mind, developers managed to save mobile users from confusion and websites from crashes. Along with fluid width full-screen layouts, fixed width centered layouts naturally direct the whole attention towards the heart of the page where the content is located. Today’s article includes 20 great fresh examples of website designs that have successfully adopted this technique. The online portfolio of Normand Robert is encircled with a relatively huge gutters that give the design a powerful open feeling. […]