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Mobile WordPress: Turn Your Website into an App with These Plugins

More and more people use mobile devices like smartphones or tablets rather than Notebooks or PCs to surf the web and read their favorite websites. Even though responsive web design is a step in the right direction – because it makes web content readable on any device – many people prefer a mobile app where articles can be enjoyed even better. Today we will, show you WordPress plugins that help you build a true mobile app for your WordPress website. WordPress on mobile is easier than you may think… Why You Should Turn Your WordPress Website into a Mobile App If you operate a profit-oriented WordPress website or have many visitors, you’ll be facing the problem of how to set apart from the competition and generate added value. An app is a perfect solution for readers who demand high standards and want to stay informed about their favorite website at any time and place. I’m one of them, and I consume websites on my smartphone. As I prefer apps to responsive websites, I’m always happy as soon as a site offers an app. But this is just my opinion. How to Build an App It’s not very difficult to turn […]