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Online Marketing Basics #2: Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Your Top Priority

As already pointed out in the first part of this series, an organization’s website is the lynchpin for most successful online marketing strategies. After all, the goal is to direct more traffic to your website. A Facebook company page or similar tools cannot substitute a company’s owned web presence. There are three powerful reasons why. This part of the series explains them all. It is true, there are some examples of being successful without a website. And Facebook, as the ubiquitous social network, certainly has extended its options for achieving this in recent years. But at the very least, this depends on the industry you are in. Facebook and the likes are not suitable for everybody. And even industries that fit should keep some serious disadvantages in mind. To get specific: The German edition of men’s magazine FHM scrapped their website in 2010 and tried to rely completely on Facebook. Their domain just redirected to the Facebook company page. But about a year later the publisher canceled this strategy without fanfare. I can only suppose this experiment did not come quite cheap. As far as I know the company never discussed the whole matter at all. I would argue, though, […]