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Online Marketing Basics #3: Introduction To Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become one of many buzz-words in online marketing. According to some marketing pros, it can generate orders and push sales like there’s no tomorrow. Naturally, everybody wants some piece of the action these days. But, of course, it takes more than just putting up a fancy Facebook page expecting customers are beating a path to your door on their own. Therefore, in this part of our series we will discuss some basics to make social media marketing a successful part of your marketing toolbox. Let’s first define what social media marketing actually means. Basically, social media is part of the evolution of the internet. In the beginning, it was described as a collection of information, created by some but used by many, as was the case with all kinds of media before the dawn of the internet. That has changed profoundly. Today myriads of people (everybody who likes to) create content for a vast number of other people (everybody interested). There are different kinds of social tools and channels enabling us to communicate: blogs social networks (Facebook, Google+, Xing, Twitter etc.) photo and video platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram etc.) forums and review portals open source […]