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Online Marketing Basics #4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Beginners

Search engine optimization is part of search engine marketing, aiming to direct visitors from the search engine to your website. There, search engine optimization (SEO for short) focuses on so-called organic rankings. Part 4 of our online marketing series will talk about what SEO means, and we will introduce you to some ways to affect those rankings. You certainly know a couple of search engines. However, in many regions Google is the undisputed market leader. There, it makes sense to focus your search engine optimization efforts on Google. This comes with pros and cons: It’s easier to focus on just one provider, yes. But: your competition will do the same, making it harder for you to differentiate your offerings and secondly, driving prices up as far as keyword bidding and Google ads are concerned. Still, it’s not mission impossible to make progress in your rankings. Backed by the appropriate strategy, you might be able to target relevant keywords that may be contested less fiercely but still bring in revenue. How Does a Promising SEO Strategy Look? Search engine optimization describes all measures taken to get a website to a top position at the organic SERPs (search engine results pages). Hence […]