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Online Marketing Basics #5: Best Uses of Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

The fifth part of our online marketing series discusses another branch of search engine marketing: Search Engine Advertising (SEA). There, you pay for ads that match certain search queries. If you’re good at creating those ads, you will be able to generate traffic on your website, as well as collect data, to better optimize your page. What is SEA? SEA is short for Search Engine Advertising. Without a doubt, more or less everyone has already seen those ads. We talk about the search results at the top or to the right-hand side of the organic search results that are clearly marked as ads. Some time ago, they were highlighted somewhat pinkish, nowadays they show a yellow button. In the organic search results, you get top rankings because Google thinks your site matches best a certain search query. For the prominent ads, you have to pay. However, you still should care about the content and quality of the ads. Note: Of course, you can do SEO and SEA with all kinds of search engines. But, as discussed in part four of this series, since Google is such an important player we will focus on Google AdWords – the online advertising service […]