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Online Marketing Basics #6: Introduction to Email Marketing

The sixth part of our series on Online Marketing Basics deals with email marketing. We will discuss its main aspects and how to do it. Furthermore, we explain some regional legal aspects that come in handy if you want to do a campaign in Europe. Email marketing is by definition very appealing – after all, this marketing tool gets you right into the inbox of your prospective target group. Mailing lists are a treasured asset in online marketing. They allow you to directly reach out to your potential customers. That’s why email marketing promises high conversion rates. This is only true, though if people shared their data deliberately and if they are part of your target group at all. If not, you might not only face insufficient conversion rates but, in the worst case scenario, even legal challenges. Learn About 3 Kinds of Email Marketing Newsletter: Newsletters are emails that are regularly sent to subscribers. They contain useful information and news, or plain commercial content, or a mixture of both. For newsletters to be successful they have to be sent at least every two months, but not more often than once a week. Of course, they ought to be appealing […]