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Online Marketing Basics #7: Introduction to Video Marketing

Welcome to part 7 of our Online Marketing series that will cover online video marketing. We will not discuss how to shoot a viral video but rather how online video marketing works and how best to approach it, complete with some general ideas and tips. We have seen advertising or marketing video spots on TV and movie screens for decades. But the scope of the internet, especially the rise of the social networks, has increased the possibilities for video marketing dramatically. Nowadays, instead of cool TV spots it’s viral online videos that become watercooler talk (a notable exception being the Super Bowl commercials.) As an entrepreneur you could have many kinds of video produced: promotional videos, image films, corporate films, training videos, product features, tutorials and many more. Professional videos captivate the viewer with a high-quality mix of information and emotion – reflecting well on your brand and your offers. What is Online Video Marketing? Online video marketing distributes videos on the internet to spread or support PR, marketing or sales messages. You could, for example, upload a video to as many platforms as possible to reach as many people from your target group as possible. For instance, a product […]