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Online Skills Tests: Find the Perfect Developer With Tests for Geeks

Sounds familiar? You are looking to hire a developer with a professional skill set in e.g. PHP. You bring your offer out to the job boards of the globe. Certainly you receive a load of applications. Are you going to interview them all, knowing that most will not even have ten percent of the skills needed? Tests for Geeks helps you filter the load and leaves you only those applicants who are actually able to perform as you need it. This is done by thoroughly developed tests targeting different core sections every programmer should have a sound knowledge of. It’s also interesting if you are a developer seeking to be hired. So, in any case, read on… Online Tests to Prove Candidates Skills Made Easy 😉 I know what I am talking about. I hired developers already more than once believing what their papers suggested, only to find out that there was no truth in what the papers said. Unfortunately, there are no clear job profiles with sound and proven educational backgrounds to rely upon. Even people who actually studies Computer Sciences turned out to be disappointments more than once. My learning: As there are no reliable profiles to depend […]