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Origami: Free Design Prototyping for iOS, Android, and the Web

Prototyping is an important element of the app development process. Animations and layer links need to be correct and tested before finishing the actual development process and uploading the app into the app store. Origami is a design framework developed by Facebook. It’s aimed at simplifying prototyping of iPhone and iPad apps, paying particular attention to the integration of interactions and animations. [Image of iMac by Placeit] What Is Origami? Origami is a free tool for designing modern user interfaces. It was developed to create quickly design prototypes with animations and interactions that can be run on iPhones or iPads. The export function allows you to export the generated code and provide the coder with a snippet. This open source animation framework makes the creation of animations and user interfaces comfortable and productive. The framework developed by Facebook was released on December 23, 2013 and has been continuously developed. What should be mentioned is that Origami can only be used together with the Quartz Composer and, therefore, only works on Mac OS X. You’ll also need to be registered as an Apple developer in order to use it. Although Origami can export the code to iOS, Android, and the web, the […]