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Pantheon: The Next Dimension of WordPress and Drupal Hosting and Management

As a freelancer or even more so as an agency in the field of web design and development you have to cope with a plethora of challenges. Pantheon cannot take all the burdens off your shoulder but substantially relieve the pains of your everyday life. With Pantheon, you need not worry about the technical part of a website development project anymore. The service not only provides simple hosting but offers sophisticated development support on top. As a designer/developer, alone or as part of a team, Pantheon is your one-stop solution for designing, coding and hosting any number of client projects. Never heard of them? You should definitely check Pantheon out… What is Pantheon? Let’s start by saying what Pantheon is not. Pantheon is not one of those homepage builders, website creators, page generators or an online web design software as a service. So don’t mistake them as a competitor of Wix, Webydo or whatever first springs to your mind. While all the before mentioned services focus on the design aspect of the job, Pantheon builds a solid foundation for developing and designing regardless of the tools you use to do it. Pantheon, located in San Francisco, California, started as a […]