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Pure Inspiration: 33 New and Award-Winning Websites

Creativity needs inspiration. Even the greatest designers on earth are nothing without some inspiration from here or there. Look at Android and iOS for example. Armies of designers work on both and yet – isn’t there a slight similarity? Anyway, that’s not the point. To fuel your creativity we have roamed the web fpr new and award-winning piecesof web craftsmanship. Look what we have found. The following specimen stem from around the globe, created by talented agencies and freelancers. All the sites are responsive yet draw a diversified picture of different industries. May the web become even more beautiful… 1. Totem 2. Catalogue-Interactif Bonobo 3. Nothing But Thieves 4. One Dollar Lesson 5. Five Minutes 6. Doriart Webdesign 7. Vangarde Music 8. Sons of Anarchy Tattoo Stories 9. RGB Media Webdesign-Agency 10. De Haus 11. Gogoro 12. adaptable 13. Trippeo 14. Let´s make History 15. Urban Influence 16. MoodBoard Film 17. Reebok – Be more Human 18. Easy Rocket Studio 19. Chedi Andermatt Residences 20. Celebrating Chinese New Year 2015 21. We are Zaion 22. Melanie Daveid 23. Österreich erleben 24. Sassi Holford 25. Bolig Reisen 26. DogStudio 27. FiberSensing 28. NUA Bikes 29. Emiliano Barri 30. RiotGames: Thunderdome 31. In […]