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Stitches: Free CSS Sprite Generator

As we know, less files to download mean better loading performance and page reproduction. Therefore, icons and other images, particularly small images, are often combined into a sprite. A sprite is a collection of several images put into one image file. Creating a sprite manually requires some work. The images are arranged in an image file and their position, width, and height need to be defined in a stylesheet. The Stitches sprite generator speeds up these processes immensely. Upload Simple Images There’s probably no easier way to create sprites than with Stitches. Images you want to combine into a sprite file can be uploaded through a web interface. It supports JPG, PNG, and GIF format. Once uploaded, the images are automatically placed on a work space. You can determine if you want the images to be arranged as a compact block, next to each other, or one below the other. You can also adjust the space between the individual images. Each image requires a distinct name, so that it can be assigned to an HTML element later on. In addition, a prefix is added to the sprite preceding all classes that will be generated. Once all image files are uploaded and […]