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Test the Limits: Chalk Style Typography

Chalk style typography has an old-school vibe, a slightly juvenile character, and urban nature. It managed to carve out an ideal niche for itself as well as mature into an art direction of full value. It is a favorite choice among designers that finds wide application in various spheres and leaves an artistic imprint on everyday life, brightening up some of our standard routines. Ones that thoroughly enjoy benefits of this sort of letter crafting are food/drink-related establishments such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, and others. Not only does chalk typography enhance and enrich exterior including signs, info boxes, menus, special offers but also interior, serving as an efficient instrument for adding a certain zest to the general atmosphere. Along with the traditional realization that implies white symbols placed on a rough black chalkboard, designers also employ colorful palettes that let convey emotions more accurately and give a piece a unique, dynamic and vibrant appearance. Typography in tandem with complementary objects that are usually used to finish off the whole view as well as put an emphasis on a beauty of letterings composes a real masterpiece. Today we have gathered 30 such works of art – projects featuring chalk style typography […]