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The Six Best Strategies to Market Your Free WordPress Theme

You have worked hard on your WordPress theme, followed all best practices, and now want your theme to exist in the WordPress directory, framed by almost 2k other themes. The sheer number of themes raises the question of how to bring your theme to the fore because at the end you want as many downloads as possible. How do you describe a theme in the best possible way and what’s the best marketing? We’ll answer these questions in this article. 1. Marketing Starts With Design Most freely available themes in the WordPress library simply look nothing but lousy. Trite, too much/less whitespace, a plain vanilla layout, terrible colors, and so on. If nothing comes to your mind, get some inspiration from popular themes. Note: Inspiration, look, but don’t touch! Don’t copy them. Plagiarism is frowned upon by designers and sometimes will get you into trouble. A good layout is more important than 595 functions which most people won’t use anyway. Once you have acquired the skills of developing good-looking themes, it’s time to add more functions. The Swedish theme author Anders Norén has some really outstanding free themes. 2. A Good Description is the Alpha and Omega Besides tags, a […]